• Create Cookie Example in Java

    Cookie lets you save information to the browser that you can use to your server. With cookies, you can define some parameters eg. to know if the user is logged in. Cookies are sent to your server whenever you make a request. Think cookies like a temporary storage of parameters or information that you can get, retrieve and check.

    Here is a simple cookie example that will be added to the response and to the user’s browser.

    Creating a Cookie

    @RequestMapping(value = "/home", method = RequestMethod.GET)
        public String home(HttpServletResponse response) {
            //create a cookie with name 'website' and value 'javapointers'
            Cookie cookie = new Cookie("website", "javapointers");
            //set the expiration time
            //1 hour = 60 seconds x 60 minutes
            cookie.setMaxAge(60 * 60);
            //add the cookie to the  response
            //return the jsp with the response
            return "home";

    Reading a Cookie

    @RequestMapping(value = "/home/cookie", method = RequestMethod.GET)
        public String readCookie(HttpServletRequest request) {
            //get all cookies
            Cookie[] cookies = request.getCookies();
            //iterate each cookie
            for (Cookie cookie : cookies) {
                //display only the cookie with the name 'website'
                if (cookie.getName().equals("website")) {
            return "home";

    Checking your browser

    Below, we can verify that our cookie has been successfully added to the browser.



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