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How To Tutorials

How to Load Properties Using Apache Commons Configuration 2
This tutorial will show you how to load properties using Apache Commons 2. This will demonstrate how to load a single or multiple property files.
Install Example HR Schema in Oracle DB
If HR Schema in Oracle DB is not included in or is missing, you can still re-create this schema using the following commands in SQL Plus.
Maven Building Different Environments
building different environments using maven profiles example
How to install Redis
Redis is a nosql mem-cached database. Since it is cached in memory, the read and write are fast. In this post, we will install redis to a system.
How to Install Maven on Windows
Maven is a Java build tool, JRE is not sufficient so you must have JDK installed in your system when installing maven on windows.
How to add Maven Jetty Plugin
Learn how you can add maven jetty plugin in your pom.xml and change the configurations such as port in this simple example.
The specified Server Location Catalina Home folder is not valid
When adding Apache Tomcat 8 to NetBeans 7.3.1, an error will occur saying the specified server location catalina home folder is not valid.
How to Create Web Application using Maven and Netbeans
Tutorial on how to create web application using Maven and Netbeans. In this tutorial, we will create a simple web application using maven in netbeans.
How to add Tomcat Server in NetBeans
This will explains how to add Tomcat server in NetBeans with pictures.
Creating Web Application using Maven in IntelliJ
This tutorial will help you on creating web application using maven in intellij. This assumes that you already have maven installed in your local machine