Tutorials on different DevOps technologies. Learn how to create a Docker container, maintain it using Kubernetes and process messages using Kafka.

DevOps Tutorials

Learn how to create Pluggable Database or PDB in Oracle
Learn how to create PDB in Oracle or Pluggable Database in Oracle CDB. Create multiple instances of database in a single Oracle instance.
How to run Oracle Database Container in Docker
Learn how to run an Oracle Database Container in your Docker instance. This will use the image from Oracle Container Registry.
Docker Spring Boot Tutorial
This guide will show you how we can create a docker image and run it to create a container in this Simple Docker Spring Boot Tutorial.
How to Install Docker on CentOS or RHEL based Linux
This guide will help you to install Docker on CentOS or in any RHEL based Linux machine starting from checking the requirements to configuring your Docker.
How to Install JDK on CentOS RHEL
This guide helps you on how to install JDK on CentOS or RHEL based Linux using a command line or terminal. We'll download the rpm and install it locally.
How to Install CentOS 8 on VirtualBox
This guide will help you on how to install VirtualBox on Windows 10, creating a new Centos 8 and installing VirtualBox Guess Additions in Centos 8.