Learn how to automate tests using Selenium and Sikuli. Eliminate the language barrier between developers and business analysts by using Cucumber and Gherkins.

Automation Tutorials

Sikuli Java Tutorial And Example
Aside from Selenium, we can also use Sikuli in automation. With this Sikuli Java Tutorial, we will show you how you can get started with Sikuli.
Cucumber Selenium Java Example
This article shows how to create a simple Cucumber Selenium Java example that combines both the BDD framework from Cucumber and Automation from Selenium.
How to run Cucumber Test in Java and Maven
In this tutorial, we will learn how to run Cucumber Test in Java automatically whenever you try to build your Maven Project.
Cucumber Data Tables Example in Java
Cucumber Data Tables Example in Java or in any language can be used to add multiple parameters in a Step Definition in a tabular form.
Cucumber Scenario Outline Example
Cucumber Scenario Outline lets you re-use existing scenario with different input or arguments. This is helpful when you want to test different arguments.
Cucumber Java Tutorial
Learn how to get started Cucumber in Java with this Cucumber Java Tutorial. Learn what is Cucumber and how to get started with Cucumber in Java.
Selenium Waiting for Element
There are different ways in Selenium Waiting for Element. One way is to use the WebDriverWait that will pause the execution of program until the condition.
Selenium Java Tutorial
Learn how to use selenium in java to automate the testing of website from frontend to backend behaving like a user with this Selenium Java Tutorial.