• HTML Getting Started

    In order to start writing your codes, you need a text editor. You can also use notepad if you want but i suggest using one of this.

    • NotePad++
    • DreamWeaver
    • Aptana Studio
    • Eclipse
    • NetBeans

    Eclipse and NetBeans are added but i suggest using notepad++ first.

    All html files have a .htm or .html file extension. So you should save your html file in .html not .txt. Double clicking your html file will open your default browser and display the page.

    All web page starts with a <html> tag and ends with </html> . Take note that each element should be closed like for example, a <h1> should be close with a </h1> or a <p> should be close with </p>.

    The basic construction of your webpage will be like this:

             <!--add your head element here-->
             <!--add your contents that will be visible on browser.-->

    Place your script, css and meta tags inside the head section. Place the elements that will be visible inside the body section.

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