The JavaPointers Story

Launching of JavaPointers

In 2013, we started JavaPointers as a simple blog containing notes on Java. We first created lessons on how to get started in Java Programming.

Spring Guides

As time goes by, in 2014, different guides in Spring were published including Spring MVC, Spring Security, and XML configurations.


By year 2016, different tutorials were posted including Spring Boot, Unit testing and Automation using Selenium, Sikuli integrated in Java.

DevOps and Redesign

In 2020, we redesigned the whole website to be responsive and target the mobile users. Multiple guides in DevOps were also published.

In Progress

Today, we are still continuing to create informative tutorials for developers and reviewing the old tutorials to make it up-to-date guides.

Contact Us

Send us an email at [email protected]

Tech/Plugins Used

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